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What is a "Web Host" and why do I need one?

"Web Hosting" refers to the process of delivering websites across the Internet from a computer server, usually called a webserver. A "Web Host Provider," like HostingCove, manages the expertise, hardware and control panel software necessary for you, your IT Manager or web developer to deliver your website to Internet users with consistency and high-speed. Don't have technical resources on staff? No worries. In many cases, the Web Host Provider can perform all these functions for you, and scale services and features to accommodate your growth needs. 

The equipment is housed in a Network Operations Center (NOC), also called a Data Center, which includes sophisticated environmental control and monitoring systems, fire-suppression capability, and the latest security systems to prevent unauthorized physical and electronic intrusion.

Web Host Providers also maintain the webservers, adding new hardware and software as needed, monitoring the systems to ensure maximum uptime, installing security patches, and providing you with help and support.

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